The Phantom Detective: The Black Ball of Death

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His mouth is never described in as much detail, but is referred to as a 'lipless' 'dead mouth' by Christine, and Erik acknowledges that his mouth is abnormal when lifting up his mask to display ventriloquism. He is described as extremely thin, so much so that he resembles a skeleton. Christine graphically describes his cold, bony hands, which also smell of death.

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Erik woefully describes himself to Christine as a corpse who is "built up with death from head to foot. Erik sometimes plays up his macabre appearance, such as sleeping in a coffin and dressing up as the Red Death for the masked ball. Lon Chaney 's characterization of Erik in the silent film The Phantom of the Opera remains closest to the book in content, in that Erik's face resembles a skull with an elongated nose slit and protruding, crooked teeth.

In this version, Erik is said to have been deformed from birth. Chaney was a master make-up artist and was considered avant garde for creating and applying Erik's facial makeup design himself. It is said he kept it secret until the first day of filming. The result was allegedly so frightening to the women of the time that theaters showing the movie were cautioned to keep smelling salts on hand. Several movies based on the novel vary the deformities. In Universal's adaptation , he is disfigured when the publisher's assistant throws etching acid in his face.

In the musical horror film Phantom of the Paradise , Winslow the Phantom character gets his head caught in a record-press, while Robert Englund's horror-version has him selling his soul to Satan and having his face mutilated as a result.

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This version also has a gruesome variation on the mask, in which Erik is sewing flesh to his face. In Andrew Lloyd Webber's musical adaptation , only half of Erik's face is deformed thus the famous half-mask often associated with Erik's appearance. His show was originally planned to have a full mask and full facial disfigurement, but when the director, Harold Prince , realized that it would make expression onstage very difficult, they halved the mask.

The logo featuring a full mask was publicized before the change. The deformity in the musical includes a gash on the right side of his partially balding head with exposed skull tissue, an elongated right nostril, a missing right eyebrow, swollen lips, different colored eyes, and a wrinkled, warped right cheek. It is covered by a white half mask and wig.

In the film adaptation of the musical, Erik's makeup was made to look much less gruesome than previous adaptations of the story. Instead of a skull-like face, his disfigurement resembles that of a mildly malformed face, which he covers with the mask. Film critic Roger Ebert noted that Butler was more "conventionally handsome" than his predecessors "in a GQ kind of way". Onscreen, Erik has often been cast as a tragic hero but also a tragic villain , depending on the film's point of view. See main list: The Phantom of the Opera. From Wikipedia, the free encyclopedia. This article has multiple issues.

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The Phantom Detective - The Black Ball of Death - Fall, 49 54/1 by Robert Wallace

This article needs additional citations for verification. Condition: Good-. LV, No. Pulp magazine. Illustrations uncredited. Upper front foredge staining; heavy edgewear with short tears; heavy creasing; soiling; old price on cover; both upper cover foredge corner off, rear bigger than front.

Death is only the beginning in Ghost Trick: Phantom Detective

Seller Inventory PM Illustrations by Murphy and others. Tanned; heavy lean; tears; rear cover glued on at hinge; standard wear and tear at edges; minor soiling. Stacey; Mark Knight. Condition: Very Good-. LVII, No. Illustrated by Joe Farren and others. Edge tears and small losses. Seller Inventory PG Condition: Good to Very Good-. Cover art is uncredited Belarski? Department: "The Phantom Speaks" Illustrations are uncredited. Spine is a bit worn at edges with stress, 1" lost at head, and small scar at lower; covers glued on at hinges; standard wear and tear to edges with minor losses.

XXXV, No. Tanned; edgewear; small losses here and there; Lower rear cover foredge corner coupon clipped; tears at spine ends. Myers; Leonard F. Jones; Jackson Hite.

Published by Better Publications, Toronto About this Item: Better Publications, Toronto, LI, no. Canadian issue. Illustrations are uncredited. Small area stained at spine heel and adjacent cover areas; glue mend at same; small scuff-tear to front cover at same; short tear at upper front hinge. Seller Inventory PK Benton; Robert Sidney Bowen.

XLVI, No. Cover art is uncredited for "Death to a Diplomat" novel by Robert Wallace. Tanned; alittle bent from poor stacking; several short tears; has been a little wet at lower front foredge corner. Benton; Norman A. Daniels; Ralph Oppenheim; Wayland Rice. Benton; "Murder by Proxy" by Norman A.

Tanned; a little bent from poor stacking; several short tears; has been a little wet at lower rear cover hinge. Although The Shadow certainly played the most influential role in the creation of the Batman saga, other pulp characters also inspired Bill Finger and Bob Kane. Dawson Clade, another McCulley character, was accused of a murder he did not commit. He dons a hood to get revenge against those who had framed him.

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In his origin story, a bat flies through a window and Clade comes up with his alter ego. Created by D. It bears a marked resemblance to the cape of the early Batman. Although not depicted here, the Black Bat also sported spiked fins on the gloves he wore. An adventurer possessing untold wealth, Clark Savage, Jr.

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Doc was never without his utility vest, a specially designed garment filled with all kinds of gadgets that he had invented. However, Walter B. The first of our Shadow images is just shy of one-hundred years old. The Batarang and the Batgyro made their first appearances in this issue, featuring a villain known as The Monk. To learn more about the influence of The Shadow and other pulp heroes, please visit the PulpFest Instagram page.