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Indeed, she finds that the medium or form follows the concept. Each version of work produced under this title attempts to address these ideas from a different angle, and using different mediums, including performance, video, drawings, sound and text. By the time he left the village to pursue high school in the neighbouring town of Rajura, some 9km away, the landscape of his youth had transformed. In return, they were given jobs as coal miners. Within a collective, each artist would help the other out.

He exhibited at the National Gallery of Modern Art in Mumbai in April-May, where his wall drawings of miners, farmers and other working-class men was accompanied by a stop-animation video piece, and has had several group shows internationally.

The Best and Worst of Art in Central Europe in 2018

Over the years, he has sold paper works, drawings on canvas, even an installation on a makeshift wall. His works on canvas have sold for Rs4 lakh and more. Besides charcoal, Pachpute works across a range of media, including terracotta, ceramic, fibreglass and paper pulp. Lately, Pachpute has been thinking about land that has been abandoned. Hardeep Pandhal, a second-generation British citizen of Indian descent, has been tackling the theme of his South Asian identity whilst operating in the Western art world.

Pandhal also annotates his works with several texts on psychoanalysis, post-colonial studies and sociology. Besides showing in galleries, he has been part of artist residencies in the UK. Though trained as a painter, Dheer Kaku, by his own admission, stopped painting the moment he graduated from Rachana Sansad, Mumbai.

His interest lay in the nuts and bolts of digital media, long-exposure photographs, sensors, video-editing—and through it all, a questioning of the way viewers see art. Kaku is not represented yet by a gallery, but his works have been showcased at residencies.

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Kaku has not sold any artwork, as yet. One of the more interesting art pieces that Kaku made was shown at the What About Art? It was a sensor-activated video installation that would change screens each time a viewer passed by. What was important to him was to find a place to paint. Freed from the walls of a studio, Das began his journey of thinking about the human condition in terms of public and private space, the constitution of borders, and the way people interact with space. He went to Vadodara and took part in the Sandarbh residency in which, once again, his work was pivoted on the way people interact with art in public spaces—he photo-documented trees which had been physically transformed because of the metal guards placed around them.

Art in Basel - Curator Heinz Playner represent artists at the Art Biennale in Basel

He then displayed the photos inside a cage-like stand, and carried the installation around Vadodara, using it to engage and interact with the public. It was a stand-out work. Since , Das has been working on a photo-documentation series of votive objects, such as saris made as offering to the Ganga river, exploring their iconic, indexical and symbolic meanings. Then, in May , he uploaded a watercolour poster he had painted the previous year. Using the character of Adarsh Balak—the ubiquitous boy in a blue shirt and indigo shorts common to educational posters on moral science, hygiene and other subjects—he drew him sitting and rolling a joint.

The series centred around the boy indulging in activities that were decidedly non-ideal, thus offering an incisive critique of socio-cultural expectations. He, however, sells the original hand-painted works on handmade paper through galleries and digital prints, online—recently, Trivedi began using oil paint for this series. So I want to keep my art affordable. Parag Sonarghare was born in Nagpur, Maharashtra, and trained as a painter at the Government Chitrakala Mahavidyalaya before graduating in art history from the Maharaja Sayajirao University of Baroda in His oeuvre is an amalgamation of performance and canvas, and defies easy categorization.

In his newer works, he has moved away from himself but retained his focus on the body.

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On 7 December last year, Shweta Bhattad wore a pure white sari, got into a coffin with an exhaust fan fitted and buried herself for 3 hours in Paris to draw attention to the plight of farmers in India. Her project, I Have A Dream, explored fast-diminishing farming land, not only in India, but also globally. Now she hopes to create sustainable public toilets in rural India: Her first solo exhibition at Gallery Latitude, Delhi, in had a separate section on the problems women in India face when they have to defecate in the open.

A great deal of her art is rooted in agrarian communities. This is no superficial posturing and her commitment can be seen in her land art projects as well as her engagement with rural communities. A student of interior design, her understanding of space came early. However, she also believes that training is not crucial to this understanding.

I have learnt more from him," she says. Messe fuer Wandern und Trekking.

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Water Sports. Biennial International Recreation Trade Fair. Tag der Bustouristik 38th Day of Coach Tourism. Theme areas: Boats, Sports, Tourism. The Golf Show in Southern Germany, parallel to f.


ITB attracts more than 11, exhibitors from countries and , trade visitors Total number of visitors: ITB Destination Days. ITB Workshops. ITB eTravel World. Info: www. Info: hotelia. Info: philoxenia. Posidonia Shipsoccer.

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Posidonia Golf Tournament. February Quality Professional Day. They present the film carried out during the residences, the creations of the workshop, as well as films of the prizes winner of the local contests of realization of film on portable telephone.

The final event was the occasion to gather the artists and partners who participated in the MOB project, and to present the works produced.

The prices of the international competition of mobile film creation were also given to the winners, and their films were diffused. SurExpositions is a festival of photography organized in partnership with the Central Cultural German Timosoara since Several exhibitions and conferences take place in the IN festival.

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Since , a fringe festival presents young generation of photographs.