Cognitive Wireless Networks

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Multi-scale spectrum sensing in small-cell mm-wave cognitive wireless networks

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Call For Papers: Special Issue on Cognitive Wireless Networks — Information Theory Society

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  • 14th EAI International Conference on Cognitive Radio Oriented Wireless Networks.
  • 1. Wireless communications and the necessity of cognitive radio!
  • A Cognitive Improved Hierarchical AODV Routing Protocol for Cognitive Wireless Mesh Network;

Wireless and Satellite Systems. Prashant Pillai. Networks for Pervasive Services. George Exarchakos. Antonio Guerrieri. Thant Zin Oo. The cross-layer approach will provide a new perspective in the design of cognitive systems, based on a global optimization process that integrates existing cognitive radio projects, thanks to the merge of a wide-range of expertise, from hardware to applications, provided by over 30 academic and industrial partners.

The final result will be the definition of a European platform for cognitive radio and networks. To reach this goal, algorithms and protocols for all layers of the communications stack will be designed, and a set of standard interfaces as well as a common reference language for interaction between cognitive network nodes will be defined. Status --Show all-- Ongoing Due. Bojovic , N. Baldo, G. Quer, R. BibTex Google Scholar.